Start your Career in Nursing with an Associate Degree in Nursing

If, as an individual you are interested in joining the nursing profession in less time than it would ordinarily take, and don’t mind being paid less for it, then this is a good way to go. There are now many institutions offering an Associate Degree in Nursing.

These degrees are usually offered at community colleges and junior colleges and are also widely available on the internet. Graduates will typically learn how to care for patient’s in hospitals, long-term care facilities as well as ordinary doctor’s offices. They can take the course at their own pace depending on their commitments. It’s also a good choice for someone who does not have the qualifications to enter the nursing profession at a higher level.

Associate Degree in Nursing vs. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

A graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing has just fast-tracked their way to getting themselves a Registered Nurse qualification. Very much in the same way that a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing prepares one to become an RN, the Associate degree will do the same. It comes with a huge advantage though: where a BSN will take 4 years, an ADN will take only 2.

This is because it comes with a very specific approach towards healthcare management – you only learn what you need to and is more centred towards what will be covered in the RN exam. With an ADN, because of this much targeted approach, finding a job becomes easier as well.

The fact that it’s only a 2 year program means that you get to spend less too. If you previously qualified as a Licensed Practical Nurse LPN, it may take you an even shorter time to get an Associate Degree in Nursing. For those who are looking especially to change careers and do not have the luxury of time and money, it provides an excellent option.

An Associate Degree in Nursing will require you to get some practical experience and this will be at a healthcare facility near you and will be supervised. Even online programs will have this requirement. Because some places have fewer healthcare facilities than others, you may be required to make an early booking to make sure that you are able to do your practical bit on time.

Qualifications Needed

At high school level, you need to have good grades in biology, chemistry and mathematics. You will need anatomy and microbiology before starting out on an Associate Degree in Nursing and these can be taken as preparation classes for the course. Once in the course, you will be able to learn several different branches of nursing; you’ll learn paediatrics, maternity care, pharmacology and surgical nursing care.

How to choose a good ADN School

Look at the things that you would look for when looking for any other nursing program:

An Associate Degree in Nursing is an excellent way to cut down the time that it would normally take to get into the nursing profession, and is great because it does not have so many entry requirements. As you consider taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, consider this as a viable option too.